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Hamtaro es el capitulo 1 de la primera temporada.

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Hamtaro, the curious pet hamster of 5th grader Laura, sets out to meet the neighbors after they move to a new town. While Laura enjoys a snack with her parents, Hamtaro sneaks out of his cage and down the drainpipe. Once outside, he meets his hamster neighbor Oxnard.

Together they meet up with Boss, a gruff field hamster who shows them around. After showing off his hideout, he takes them to meet the enchanting hamster, Bijou. But, Boss gets tongue-tied until the quick-thinking Hamtaro helps him out by breaking into a Ham-Ham song.

That night Laura shares her day with Hamtaro. She tells him about her new friend Kana whom she met while buying hamster stationary at the store. Then Laura writes in her diary, never imagining that her cuddly Hamtaro has some new friends of his own.

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  • Hamtaro
  • Manchitas
  • Jefazo
  • Lazitos


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